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Damon Walters is a mysterious man in this age of pirates. He is very straightforward and has no secret tricks. He genuinely wishes to help the people get back on their feet after the terrible catastrophe. This dream carries him around the East Blue, often helping those that are out of luck, or need an extra hand with a job. 


Damon is what most women would describe as a "tall drink of water." He stands 6' 3" and he is a very good-looking man. He has soft, light brown hair that you just want to bury your hands in, but you wouldn't dare, because then he might not want to talk to you. Due to his wealth, he is always dressed to the nines. Pressed white shirt, blue tie and a navy suit. He keeps a red carnation in his jacket pocket, for style and in case he meets a beautiful woman. 


Damon is a people person. He operates the largest trading enterprise on the East Blue. He loves to help people help themselves. Oftentimes, Damon can be found in port cities, waiting to help a merchant in need. He generously trades capital resources now, for a small cut of treasure later. Not a large cut, but a small slice of the pie. He is a real ladies man, and loves to chat them up when he gets the chance. Ladies that take time to flirt back often recieve more trade money. Damon is very smooth and has quite a gift for speech. He wants pirates and merchants to suceed, because that generates more revenue for him. 

Fighting Style Edit

Damon has exhibited neither the will, nor the ability to fight. Being an important businessman, he has a battalion of heavily armed mercenaries that follow him around. He often lends these men to those that need his help.