The East Blue Trading Company is a neutral group sailing the seas of East Blue.
OP flag

East Blue Trading Company flag


The EBTC (East Blue Trading Company) was formed in Havana. A meeting between the business mand Thogretor Windsailor and the wandering monk Lahduk began the creation of the crew. A third man, listening nearby, also joined the group. This person was Taikutsushita M. Jack, a man down on his luck. The group decided to head to Chippingwood after the Harmony tournament to find/build their own ship.


Due to being a newly formed group, this article is currently empty.


Name Postion/Job
Thogretor Windsailor



Second in Command

Taikutsushita M. Jack


Aurelia Blackwood


Tanaka Iroto Sniper

Ship: The Cheap BastardEdit

HP DMG Sight Speed Equips (5 Slots) Equips (Cont.)
Stats 285 50 50 45

Slipperwood Coating (+5 SPE, No Slots) 

Staysail (1 Slot, +5 SPE)

Mizzenmast (+15 SPE, 2 Slots)

Member Picture/Epithet/BountyEdit

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